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Bob Johnson

Managing Partner

Bob, who founded the firm in 1981, has worked in accounting for over thirty years. He spent seven years as a partner in a Big Four accounting firm before striking off on his own.

Bob is a Certified Public Accountant, and a member of the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA), the California Society of CPAs and the State Board of Accountancy. He's also a Chartered Accountant in Canada.

He attended the University of British Columbia.

"Public accounting is 50% human skills and 50% technical.", Bob states, adding that he really enjoys the human relations side of the business. He's the one who most often gives clients senior counsel.

Bob tends to be the "vision guy" at the firm who likes to strike off in new directions. He recently started working on turnarounds to try saving struggling businesses. Bob favors a personalized style of working with management, his approach that is more direct, less expensive than extensive reports and produces fast results. He's developed presentations that he uses to train clients in dealing with unpredictable economic times.

Mary Cummins


You might say that accounting is in her blood. She's been helping Bob since she was young, sometimes accompanying him to work on Saturdays, often for the promise of a lunch at a favorite restaurant. She's even married to an accountant.

Mary, who happens to be Bob's daughter, is also a CPA and member of the AICPA and the same associations as Bob.

She graduated from Sacramento State with a BS in Business Administration, accounting.

To Mary, being a CPA means dealing with people, helping them out, building their business and helping them become successful.

She sees audits as a way of helping a business or entity run more efficiently. Internal control studies are a great tool for finding weaknesses and fixing them as part of a system-based approach.

Kelly Shiramizu


Kelly, like everyone in the firm, travels to clients' locations where she gathers information, prepares financial statements and advises clients.

She holds a BS in Business Administration, accounting, also from Sacramento State.

Kelly enjoys reading fiction. She likes Jane Austin because in the end everything comes out well in the end, despite a few hurdles. She also likes the descriptions of what society was like during the time of the stories.

Kelly enjoys travel, and has visited England, Italy, Greece and Sweden (she visited England partially because of Jane Austin). Her next trip will probably be to Japan.

You might see her on a weekend cruising the bike paths around downtown Sacramento. She won't have that fancy Italian bike. Just something that works for her.


Senior Auditor

Jan is part of the team, travelling to clients' offices to sift through information to prepare audits and create accurate financial statements.

When she can get away, she enjoys hiking. One of her biggest adventures was climbing Half Dome in Yosemite. Although going up was one of the scariest things she ever did, she found that her fear had vanished on the trip down.

Jan holds an A.A. degree in accounting from Heald Business College, and is currently training to become a CPA.

Teresa Johnson

Tax Secretary

Teresa happens to be Bob's wife, and she enjoys coming in and helping out on a part-time basis.

She enjoys gardening, and has an impressive rose collection. True to her Italian roots, she's a great cook.