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Business Auditing

An audit may be required for your type of operation, or you may simply want to ensure that your financial picture is clear. Either way, we can get the job done.

We already service around fifty Special Districts, including water districts, fire and parks - so we've got the experience to put your financials in order.

A typical audit plan starts with an interim visit, where we perform risk assessment tests, document your internal control system and coordinate with your staff.

The final audit includes management letters with financial and accounting system recommendations. This is where we point out areas that can be improved, highlight findings and help you get everything back in order - or assure you that things are running smoothly.

We do not charge for phone calls during the year of the audit.

Our audits are in compliance with the AICPA, Yellow Book and State Controller (Single Audit Act, if required).


We offer coaching with an accountant's eye for detail for struggling businesses.Our goal is to return your business to profitabilty as quickly as possible, using a proactive approach.

In our effort to get your business back on its feet, we'll employ a range of tactics. We'll hold meetings to ensure that your managers have the skills to accurately record and manage your financial system. We'll review staff duties, and work with your executives to effect change.We may recommend reorganizing staff, give marketing assistance, inspect your management style.

We'll get to know you so we can find answers to questions like the accuracy of your financials, how well your sales tactics are working, are expenses being kept reasonable, is your management style working.

What you won't get from us is a lot of expensive reports and time-consuming studies. Bob will go in, determine what is happening, hold meetings and get to know your company's people personally. This approach is direct, cost effective and gets results because he works directly with the people who run your company.


Holding workshops and giving presentations can be provided at no additional cost, depending on the scope of services.

Bob's most popular lectures are "Understanding Financial Statements" and "Unfunded Liabilities: pensions and health insurance."

The benefits of having an experienced auditor teach your staff are obvious. Better-trained personnel will be better equipped to deal with fast changing situations, better able to spot issues from financial statements, and better able to prepare accurate and up-to-date documents.