an accountancy corporation


A Unique Approach

We work directly with management at your location to determine what is happening, get to know your people and provide clear, workable solutions. This hands-on approach saves time and money. There's no thick report that sits on a shelf; our staff works directly with your people to effect positive change.

You will work directly with one of our senior managers, at your place of work, as part of our standard fee. There are no upcharges for visiting you. No extra fees or travel or incidental expenses mean that during the auditing process it's like we're your next door accounting firm.

If it's something we can handle during the year with a phone call, there's no fee for this, either.

Special Districts

We audit over 50 small governmental utilities, providing coaching, solutions and management letters with financial and accounting system recommendations at the end of the audit process. Our current clients include water districts, fire districts and park districts.

Private Businesses

We apply the same personalized approach to private businesses. We'll analyze your books, looking for ways to make you more efficient and hopefully profitable.

If your business is in trouble, we offer turnaround services that might succeed in turning it around and bringing you back into the black.